Empowering modern public services

Helping public sector organisations succeed in their digital transformation with cloud-based software solutions to better connect, engage and serve citizens.

Over 500 public sector organisations in the UK & Ireland work with Granicus to connect with and serve their citizens. Our comprehensive cloud-based platform strengthens every essential government experience under one roof. Each of our products are designed to make government experiences more meaningful, accessible, connected and secure.


We work with majority of local authorities across the UK to help them serve, engage, communicate and build trust with their residents. Besides local government, our customers also include central government, healthcare, housing, emergency services and education organisations.


Over 16 million UK & Ireland subscribers receive vital, time-sensitive public sector information through Granicus' govDelivery solution. Our powerful Network supports immediate audience growth for our customers.


govService offers next-gen digital services that automate front and back office processes for hundreds of public sector organisations across the UK.


We send 10 messages every second to subscribers across the UK. Organisations are taking advantage of govDelivery automated reminders and alerts, among limitless list of proactive messaging.

Built for the public sector

Digital services Provide residents and visitors with modern public sector services and transactions.
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Communications Citizens want to hear from you! We have 16 million+ subscribers to government messages.
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Engagement Sick of speaking to the same ten people? Access real-time digital engagement outcomes.
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Helping you deliver outcomes people need the most

Granicus empowers public sector organisations to become even better at what they do. That’s why we equip you with the products, data, and skills you need to make a tangible difference. Read some of the real life success stories from our existing customers.
Success Stories

Health and social care

Scarborough Borough Council are working to use Better Care Funding to best effect. Find out how Granicus helped save over £40k and improve productivity by 57%.

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Increasing audiences

The Met Office launched a new mobile weather app and in partnership with Granicus, they exceeded the target downloads by 120% and increased email subscribers by 618%.

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Council savings

Durham County Council is using a self-service portal powered by govService to meet the digital needs of residents while saving significant time and money.

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Trusted by over 400 public sector organisations in the UK

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