The UK Consult | Episode 44 Build a home for your citizens featuring Mark Hynes

Granicus · The UK Consult: Episode 44: with Mark Hynes, Granicus CEO

Welcome to the UK Consult, our occasional ramble through all things to do with community engagement, customer experience, and digital service design!

In this very special episode, we are delighted to be joined by the one and only Mark Hynes, Chief Executive Officer at Granicus, alongside our marvellous hosts, Karen Steel, Customer Success Manager, and Jonathan Bradley, Granicus Experience Group (GXG) UK Business and Practice Lead.

Throughout this conversation we dive deep into Granicus’ mission of creating better experiences and outcomes for our customers and their communities, using modern technologies for social good, and WHY we are striving for this.

In this episode, we hear Mark Hynes’ passion for helping our customers use our technology to create better lives for their customers, communities, and society at large. We cover a lot of ground, so grab a coffee and a cake and tune into this visionary episode.

  • The who, how, and why: Who do we serve? How do we do it? And, why?
  • Doing things the right side up… it doesn’t always start with tech.
  • Getting what you need from your government and feeling heard.
  • Granicus’ evolution from SaaS to strategic partner.
  • Assembling the best public sector practitioners in the world at Granicus.
  • Making the most out of your existing solutions by getting to know your community. (Don’t forget the data!)
  • Where do we go from here?
  • Data privacy and keeping control with the customer.
  • Granicus’ listen, learn, and collaborate approach to AI.
  • Why the UK is smashing digital maturity and leading the way… 10 years ahead we heard!
  • And finally, Mark’s go to experiences in the UK… did he say curry? (Yes, he did).

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Duration: 30 min