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Public expectations are changing

With mounting pressure for seamless digital experiences, our integrated email marketing solution can help you easily connect and engage with your users at scale to accelerate audience growth.

More than just email newsletters

Thousands of email newsletters are sent using govDelivery but we offer a lot more than that. Organisations are taking advantage of the platform’s flexibility to send location-specific weather warnings, bin day email alerts, automated payment reminders and alerts to drive channel shift and reduce demand on services.

Our network

Over 20 million people in the UK have signed up to receive updates from organisations using govDelivery. You can grow your subscriber base massively through cross-promotion opportunities with nearby and related organisations on the Granicus Network.

Email campaigns

Create personalised drip campaigns that deliver high engagement rates. Use govDelivery for re-engagement campaigns and welcome campaigns to help build and strengthen relationships with your audience of subscribers.

Automate and schedule

Take the heat off your already overstretched team by automating regular updates such as news, events and job vacancies via email using govDelivery and your existing website content. Schedule delivery and use email automation so that messages arrive at a time that suits your audience.

Great looking email templates

Our design team work with you to create custom-built email templates that fit your branding and use a responsive design so that your messages look great on all devices – more than half of emails are now read on mobiles so we’ll help make sure they look amazing.

A/B testing

Use automated A/B testing to improve your messaging and engagement results. Boost your engagement rates by testing the colour of call to action buttons, subject lines, message length and imagery.

Security + GDPR

Granicus is ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials certified, and our govDelivery platform enables you to be fully GDPR compliant in a way that works for the public sector so that you can continue to reach and engage with your audiences and comply with the latest data protection regulations.

No limits

We do not have any limits on the numbers of messages that you send. We also allow an unlimited amount of administrators and editors so that you can set up as many people to use the platform as you need.

Success Stories

Number one provider of email communications software for the UK public sector

Trusted by over 300 UK public sector organisations to deliver better outcomes for the people they serve.


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Network participation to rapidly increase targeted audiences.

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Confidence in deliverability and secure email messages.


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High engagement leads to better outcomes.