The UK Consult | Improving Accountability And Transparency In Housing Via Meaningful Engagement

Granicus · Improving Accountability And Transparency In Housing Via Meaningful Engagement

Welcome to “The UK Consult”

Our occasional ramble through all things public engagement and citizen experience in the UK along with special guests and lovely examples of online citizen participation and digital transformation from around the world!

In this episode, we are delighted to have Louise Darby from Leeds Federated Housing Association and Paul Nettleton from Catalyst Housing, as our special guests. We discuss the importance of resident and stakeholder engagement as a means of addressing the need for greater transparency and accountability in the housing sector (and beyond).

During our chat, we cover a range of topics and Louise and Paul were very generous in giving us a unique glimpse into their experiences. We are grateful to share it with our listeners along with:

  1. The Charter For Social Housing Residents: social housing white paper and new legislation being introduced through the Social Housing Regulation Bill and what it means for housing associations.
  2. The importance of accountability and transparency in housing in the UK and the role digital engagement plays.
  3. What Louise and Paul were looking for in their technology and why they chose EngagementHQ and govDelivery.
  4. Plans for the future! How they hope to accelerate their digital maturity.
  5. The reactions they have had from colleagues and residents within their community.
  6. The role leadership plays in transforming digital engagement and tenant participation.
  7. No stat of the month, a homage to stato, or shout outs this episode as we ran out of time.

All this in one episode! Grab a cake and a coffee and take your time with this epic episode of community engagement and digital services goodness. Until next time!

Duration: 60 min

Jonathan Bradley | The UK Consult: Engaging CitizensJonathan Bradley

Jonathan Bradley is Head of Business and Practice at Granicus Experience Group (GXG) UK. GXG is Granicus’ digital agency focused on customer experience & digital outreach, providing human-centred strategies, data-driven insights and hands-on consultancy services.



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