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Bang the Table · THE UK CONSULT | Episode 36: Engaging citizens in changing public services

Welcome to the UK Consult

The UK Consult is our occasional ramble through all things about public consultation and engaging citizens in the UK, with special guests and lovely examples of online public consultation from around the world!

In this episode, Jonno relaunches the UK Consult and introduces our new format. For the delight and entertainment of our zillions of listeners each month (we have decided to go monthly for now) we will include a Feature Topic, Shout Out, Special Guest and The Tool of the Month!

This episode we cover the following sensational topics and glorious insight into citizen engagement in the UK (and further afield):

  1. What are the practical implications of the UK Government’s National Disability Strategy ‘inadequate’ and therefore unlawful consultation? In case you missed it and let’s face it most people were distracted by #PartyGate the UK government lost an important case in the High Court on 25th January and this ruling has some important implications for people involved in changing public services and making public policy. Jonno talks about this at length in our Feature Topic
  2. Our Shout Out this episode is to Derby City Council for their Let’s Talk Derby Allestree Rewilding project. They have done a great job at using a good range of tools and widgets to help people to get involved in their consultation about Rewilding Allestree Park and the benefits it could bring to the city
  3. Special Guest. There is no special guest this week but there will be next time, promise!
  4. Our Tool of the Week goes to Brighton and Hove Council for their use of the Places tool in their project focusing on Liveable neighbourhoods. Great job Brighton and Hove!

All this in one episode! Grab a cake and a coffee and take your time with this bumper episode of public consultation goodness.

Duration: 20 min

Jonathan Bradley | The UK Consult: Engaging CitizensJonathan Bradley

Jonathan Bradley is Head of Business and Practice at Bang the Table UK. He is also a Fellow of The Consultation Institute and is a Co-founder of Participate UK, the UK’s first public consultation and community engagement agency.


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