The UK Consult | Episode 42 A Dive into Transport for London’s Digital Engagement Transformation

Granicus · The UK Consult | Episode 42: A Dive into Transport for London’s Digital Engagement Transformation

Welcome to “The UK Consult,”

Our occasional ramble through all things public engagement and citizen experience in the UK along with special guests and lovely examples of online citizen participation and digital transformation from around the world!

In this episode, we are thrilled to be joined by Fraser MacDonald, Strategic Consultation Lead at Transport for London (TfL) alongside our hosts, Karen Steel, Customer Success Manager and Jonathan Bradley, Head of Business and Practice at Granicus Experience Group (GXG), here at Granicus.

We discuss how TfL uses Granicus technology for their public consultation and stakeholder engagement with over 1.5 million visits to their “Have Your Say” website.

We ask Fraser what their main drivers were for making the move to a more hybrid, digital participation platform and uncover some more incredible statistics on their journey over the past two years.

During our chat, we uncover a world of incredible engagement statistics and insights into the different levels of success they have experienced throughout their journey as well as looking forward to what their future plans are as they create an even more engaging platform. We discuss:

  • What their journey has looked like over the past two years since implementing new public consultation technology.
  • How post-pandemic, peoples’ perception of what digital services should look like has changed and how to best provide those services for the people we serve.
  • Four fantastic steps for those starting out on a new journey in public consultation and engagement services.
  • The new meaning behind TfL’s tagline, “Every journey matters.”
  • Robust, compliant consultations that still work across London’s diverse communities.
  • How a hybrid consultation process can allow TfL to be more inclusive and better utilise funding for their step-free access program.
  • What TfL learned by simply meeting people where they are.
  • The power of taking a step back and looking at all forms of engagement and participation from a different perspective.

All this in one episode! Grab a cake and a coffee and take your time with this epic episode of community engagement and digital services goodness.

Until next time!