What is Digital Communications?

Digital communications are the use of online tools like email, text messaging or social media to reach either individuals or an audience and share a message with them. Digital communications have replaced older forms of communication, such as letters sent through the mail, phone calls or advertising as the preferred way to interact with individuals. Government agencies and public sector organisations find that digital communications are critical to citizen engagement.

Why is it important?

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In an era when almost everyone has an internet-connected device in their pocket, there has never been an easier time for public sector organisations to communicate with the public. Digital communications save the public sector time and money by allowing write once, publish everywhere solutions. Digital communications strategy that push people to broader citizen engagement and extremely useful insights. Most public sector organisations have seen team size diminish in recent years, but workloads continue to increase. Using digital communications allows teams to deliver on the organisation’s mission in a timely and inexpensive way.

How does Granicus help?

Granicus’ govDelivery solution is a digital communications tool that allows digital communications managers and organisations to powerfully construct email, social media, and SMS messages for citizens. The Granicus Network provides unrivalled subscriber growth. 16 million people across the UK have signed up to receive updates from public sector organisations surrounding specific topics using govDelivery.

The solution frees up valuable work time by automating communications and reducing avoidable contact. Using personalised drip, re-engagement or welcome campaigns, relationships can be built and strengthened with audiences and take the heat off already pressured staff. And because govDelivery is the only messaging platform built exclusively for government, it offers exceptional deliverability—so an agency’s emails will never end up in the spam box—and is safe enough to earn FedRAMP certification.

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