The UK Consult | Episode 43 Strategy + Technology = Success with GXG

Granicus · The UK Consult | Episode 43: Strategy + Technology = Success with GXG

Welcome to “The UK Consult,”

Our occasional ramble through all things public engagement and citizen experience in the UK, along with special guests and lovely examples of online citizen participation and digital transformation from around the world! 

In this episode, we are thrilled to be joined by Sophie Harris-Edmond, Senior Experience Consultant at Granicus Experience Group (GXG), alongside our hosts, Karen Steel, Customer Success Manager, and Jonathan Bradley, Head of Business and Practice at GXG. 

We delve into what the GXG actually is and what the team gets up to, from communications projects to website re-designs and service design. Sophie explains the benefits of having consultants that really understands not only the technology but how the public sector works day in, day out. 

During our chat, we delve into a new type of consultation that focuses on design thinking and putting the stakeholder at the centre of your planning. We discuss: 

  1. What sort of projects GXG works on. 
  2. What Sophie’s passion—design thinking—means to her and how it has an impact in the public sector. 
  3. The importance of having a clear understanding of what the end user wants, alongside building the tech. 
  4. Post-it note heaven leading up to those “a-ha!” moments. 
  5. A new communications strategy for the World Trade Centre. 
  6. Service design in Mid-Devon Council… what do the services currently look like and what do we need them to look like?  
  7. The importance of sharing expertise and knowledge to create recipes for service success. 
  8. The GXG methodology: What are the client’s priorities and how do they make it happen? 
  9. The power of user research. 
  10. A four-step process: goals, user, journey, content. 
  11. Top tips for people embarking on their service design journey. 

All this in one episode! Grab a cake and a coffee and take your time with this epic episode of service design goodness and consultation across the globe. 

Until next time!