The UK Consult Episode 41: What is success?

Granicus · The UK Consult – Episode 41

Welcome to “The UK Consult,”

Our occasional ramble through all things public engagement and citizen experience in the UK along with special guests and lovely examples of online citizen participation and digital transformation from around the world!

In this episode, we are thrilled to be joined by Karen Steel, customer success manager here at Granicus where we discuss all things related to success! We ask what customer success actually is and explore why it is not something to be afraid of. We also touch on what consultation success looks like with some examples from our amazing customers.

During our chat, we cover a range of topics and Karen provides amazing insight into how public sector organisations can really optimise their technology to improve experiences for citizens AND staff. Karen also asks Jonathan some thought provoking questions. We cover:

  1. What is customer success?
  2. The importance of telling stories to increase return on investment in technology.
  3. East Ayrshire Council provides cost of living support via the most trusted email marketing platform for the public sector, govDelivery.
  4. BREAKING NEWS: Harrow Council launches MyHarrow Talk, its consultation and engagement hub, a space for residents and local businesses to have their say and take the opportunity to share feedback and influence the services the council provides.
  5. What does consultation success look like? The age-old quality vs. quantity debate.
  6. Shoutout: Helen at North Warwickshire Borough Council, the ray of positivity who keeps us all excited about the future of the council! We highlight all the amazing steps made to digitalise processes in the taxi licensing space whilst ensuring the end users were involved every step of the way.
  7. Not one, but two stats of the month, a homage to stato! Benchmark your email communications performance and ensure the future of transformation is human centred.

All this in one episode! Grab a cake and a coffee and take your time with this epic episode of community engagement and digital services goodness.

Until next time!