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Granicus Experience Group (GXG)

GXG is Granicus’ digital agency focused on creating seamless customer experiences and impactful digital engagement by using our proprietary human-centred design methodology, data-driven insights and hands-on consultancy services.

More Than Our Technology

At Granicus Experience Group (GXG) we’re driven to help public sector organisations become more citizen-centric. Whether assisting a carer, engaging a concerned resident, supporting a local business, receiving a planning application, or helping a parent or a student, we empower you to build better experiences and get more value out of your Granicus technology.

Our approach

We use an agile, flexible, and repeatable process that enables your digital maturity to accelerate year-over-year.

Increase and Accelerate Engagement

Partner with GXG to grow your audience, by optimising for subscriber growth and personalised engagement

Create Great Customer Experiences

GXG will help you to realise the full benefits of your digital transformation much faster and more effectively than inhouse digital teams

Optimise Citizen Participation

Work with GXG to improve citizen participation, by creating personalised and human centred public consultation experiences

Your Digital Partner

Granicus’ very own agency, GXG, are expert in your technology, primed to optimise your citizen engagement

Success Stories

See what our clients are doing

How Mid and South Essex Integrated Care System improves health and wellbeing with Granicus Experience Group services

 Mid and South Essex Integrated Care System
Mid and South Essex Integrated Care System
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How raising awareness of a new app, increasing downloads and overall subscriber base

The Met Office
The Met Office
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Benefits of Granicus Experience Group

Strategy and programmes
At GXG we will design, develop and manage a sophisticated program to enhance the citizen experience across your owned channels. 


Data and insights
Our team will analyse data throughout program strategy and management. We will discover insights for meaningful audience segmentation, message optimisation and enhancing the customer journey.


Identify services you should focus on
Our team of design thinkers and experience specialists help you modernise your service delivery models by understanding the customer journey and designing service blueprints that create the customer and employee experience you need to reap the benefit of your digital transformation.


Training, resources and thought leadership
 We use our expertise to build internal skills and capacity with custom best practice curriculum and experience academies.


Join a global community of digital practitioners

With over 500 public sector organisations in the UK and 5,500 customers worldwide, Granicus has access to the world’s largest pool of intelligence and data. Our team of experience experts, digital strategists, service design specialists, and project managers will help you provide services which improve the lives of your community.

What we do

GXG helps the public service make sure people can do what they need to do as simply as possible - so that they succeed the first time. We apply this to all aspects of the citizen experience: accessing services, keeping informed, getting involved, looking for help, and finding help for others.

How we can help

By using proprietary data, user research, and staff engagement to make sure your digital engagement is human centred – the secret sauce of your success.

Our team

Working with GXG, you have access to an international team of over 50 experience experts; digital strategists, data analysts, communications and engagement specialists, and Granicus technology experts. We uncover insights about the people you want to reach, then build experiences and campaigns to help you deliver better outcomes.

Our team

GXG working for you

GXG has developed a range of services to help you get the most out of our technology and achieve your goals and objectives. Our consultancy services are provided as structured packages of activity over a fixed period, tailored programmes, training, and stand-alone experience services.

What our clients think

“We are also seeing some excellent results from our winter campaign powered through Granicus’ platform and we haven’t seen a significant number of unsubscribes from the campaign. Users are signing up and staying subscribed for the whole series.”
– James Sharp, Digital Media and Marketing Manager, Mid and South Essex Health and Care Partnership

Learn More From Our Experts

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Technology powers change, but strategy fuels technology. Our diversely talented team can help you analyse data and uncover insights to create human centred experiences which make the neighbourhoods, towns, and cities you care for better places to live, work and play.

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