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How HSE's Working Minds campaign approached workplace mental health awareness 


The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Working Minds campaign was launched to raise awareness of the legal duty employers have to prevent stress and support good mental health.

Half of work-related ill health is down to stress, depression, or anxiety. Embracing a proactive stance, the campaign leverages Granicus’ govDelivery — a platform HSE has effectively used for more than a decade — as part of its digital, interactive approach. govDelivery is a high-value adding element of the campaign, contributing significant volumes of traffic to and engagement with materials and content.

"This campaign was more about quality and not quantity of the signups, and in that respect, it has attracted some impressive numbers. More than 6,100 have signed up for the Working Minds e-bulletins, and, impressively, 55% of these subscribers are active 'champions.' In addition, the Working Minds e-bulletin performance data is very strong, with high open rates, click-through rates, and overall engagement rates."
Graeme Barnes, Senior Digital Performance Analyst, HSE 


  • 6.1k+ subscriber to the Working Minds e-bulletins 
  • 3.3k+ champions actively advocating for workplace mental health
  • High engagement with strong open and click-through rates
  • 30 organisations became significant partners
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Addressing a Growing Concern 

The Working Minds campaign aims to tackle a significant health concern, as evidenced by HSE statistics: 1.8 million working individuals in Great Britain are suffering with work-related illnesses, including 875,000 suffering from work-related stress, depression, or anxiety.

These stark figures highlight the urgent necessity of a cultural shift in workplaces, where managing stress is as routine as ensuring physical safety. The Working Minds campaign, launched by Sarah Albon, chief executive of HSE, addresses this by providing businesses, especially smaller ones, with relevant information and tools.


Effective Engagement Through govDelivery 

HSE tactically used govDelivery to elevate its Working Minds campaign, focusing on work-related stress. By strategically segmenting its audience, HSE crafted a communication approach to resonate with target sectors. Targeted messaging aimed to inform and engage the audience on a more personal level.

The campaign’s use of email communications was pivotal in identifying and nurturing potential ‘champions’ — individuals who could further disseminate the campaign’s message within their networks. This was achieved through a bespoke signup form, designed to segment subscribers effectively and identify those with a keen interest in advocating for workplace mental health.

Moreover, HSE integrated the Working Minds campaign into its wider communication ecosystem. By incorporating the campaign’s messaging into existing e-bulletins like the Stress at Work campaign and industry specific subscribers, HSE was able to tap into an established subscriber base, thereby amplifying the reach and impact of the Working Minds campaign. This strategic integration ensured that the campaign’s message was not confined to a niche audience but reached a diverse group of individuals.

The success of this approach was evident in the engagement metrics. The targeted and segmented communications, facilitated by govDelivery, resonated with the audience, leading to higher open and click-through rates. This level of engagement indicated that the campaign’s content was not only reaching its intended audience but also striking a chord with them.


Impactful Outcomes 

More than 6,100 individuals have engaged with the campaign’s e-bulletins, and more than 3,300 have stepped up as champions, showing a willingness to bring change in workplace mental health.

The high engagement rates with the e-bulletins prove these aren’t just messages in an inbox; they’re starting points for meaningful conversations and actions in workplaces across various sectors.

The collaboration with organisations, including the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) and International Stress Management Association (ISMA), has extended the reach of the campaign beyond HSE’s usual following. Dr Sue Halliwell from Composites UK sums it up well, highlighting the importance of a mentally healthy workforce for productivity and engagement.

“A physically fit and mentally healthy workforce can deliver increased productivity, increased staff retention, and ensure employees are more fully engaged in their work,” she said. “Work-related stress can be a significant cause of illness, leading to absence, staff turnover, and other issues such as increased capacity for error.”

As the campaign moves forward as part of HSE’s 10-year strategy, it’s clear that this is more than a one-time effort. The strategic use of govDelivery to boost webinar attendance has been key in spreading practical advice and support, making a real difference in how businesses and individuals receive and access information.

Looking to the future, the Working Minds campaign is set to continue its vital work. Its focus on quality engagement and building a community of advocates is not just commendable but necessary in today’s work environment.

The campaign is well-positioned to keep influencing workplace cultures, encouraging more open discussions about mental health, and shaping policies for the better. It is a forward-thinking initiative with the potential to inspire similar efforts globally, making a lasting difference in how we view and manage mental health at work.

“Work-related stress and poor mental health should be treated with the same significance as risks of poor physical health and injury. In terms of the affect it has on workers, significant and long-term stress can limit performance and impact personal lives. No worker should suffer in silence and employer’s need to act now to prevent work-related stress and improve mental health in the workplace.”
Liz Goodwill, Head of the Work-Related Stress and Mental Health Policy Team, HSE

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