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How to be a success at Granicus

It’s not easy to be a success at Granicus. Not everyone is up to the task. In our search for the right people to join us as either a Junior Client Success Consultant or Account Executive, we have thought long and hard about what we would love to ideally see in future members of the Granicus family. Think you measure up? Then get in touch and tell us why. But bear these things in mind before you do.

Know the difference between support and success

Effective customer support is a key part of the reason we are so successful at Granicus. We make sure that our clients get their queries and questions answered as quickly as possible so they can resolve issues and get back to doing brilliant things.

However, there is a big difference between support and success. Our Junior Client Success Consultant will need to be able to look at how our clients are using our platforms and help them not just meet their goals but exceed them wherever possible. We need someone who has a real passion for public service and ideally some experience of what it aims to do and how it works.

We need someone who knows how to support a service to meet its goals, how to help them raise their aspirations and how to aim for things which they perhaps didn’t know they could achieve. It’s a challenge, but rarely are all the best things easy to achieve.

Be a master negotiator

Never have negotiation skills been more needed than in the modern world. With changing political landscapes and challenging relationships between local and central government here in the UK, the ability to help the other party see the best way forward is a rare talent.

At Granicus we work to give the public sector the digital tools they need to improve the lives of real people. Public servants are busy, busy people who are constantly under pressure to deliver dozens of projects at a time. The perfect client success consultant will be able to understand those projects and work closely with our clients to help them see how to succeed through using our platforms and tools, helping them negotiate internally for the time and opportunity to make the most of what is available to them.

We have hundreds of examples of fantastic practice to share; you will need to know how to use these to leverage the best of outcomes for our clients.

Actually care

You don’t need to have spent decades working in local government, but it is impossible to sit in front of a local government officer and help them to succeed if you don’t really care about what they are trying to do. Public servants care about making things better for the people in their areas; if you don’t too, or cannot empathise, then perhaps Granicus isn’t the right place for you. But if you do want to make a difference, training on the “how” will be provided. We’re a supportive team.

All of the team have worked in or with the public sector for many years, and share a deep affinity for what it aims to do. We care about these challenges, and appreciate how difficult many of them are to achieve. We do all we can to give public servants the tools they need to make a positive difference for the people in their lives, which shines through in every conversation we have with them.

We believe in what we do. We believe we help make things better for real people. We have the evidence and experience to back that up. We need someone who believes this too.

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