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Five reasons to work at Granicus

As January rolls around, many people will be looking around their office and wondering “why on earth am I still working here?!”. New Year’s resolutions often lead to a reassessment of whether a new job is in order, leading to January being the year people start looking around for their next opportunity.

That’s no bad thing at all; in fact, here at Granicus we are able to help out with that as we have two awesome positions open in the UK. The first, for a Junior Client Success Consultant, is all about helping our clients get the very best out of working with us, while the second, for an Account Executive, is focused on helping health services and the NHS to join the Granicus family and reach out to some of our 11.5m UK subscribers.

But there are lots of other companies looking for top drawer staff right now, so why should you join Granicus? What makes us such a great company to work for? Here are five reasons for you to stop what you planned to do next and instead start your application to join our team.

We care about public service

Our European Managing Director, Dave Worsell, is well known for telling people off for valuing what he describes as “vanity metrics”. When people talk about how many thousands of emails they send out, or how many people they have signed up to receive their emails he always points out that this is only part of the story; if they can’t answer the simple question “so what?” then they probably haven’t actually achieved much at all. Tracking what happens next is more important.

This core belief, that outcomes are more important than outputs, is at the heart of everything that Granicus does. The platforms we provide and the expertise we share are totally, entirely focused on helping public sector organisations to do amazing things for the public, whether that’s helping flood victims after Hurricane Irma or getting more people into work or training, Granicus has been on hand to help public servants make real differences in people’s lives, both big and small. That’s something to be proud of.

We’re making a difference

The public sector has arguably never had it so tough. Citizen expectations are rising, demand for services is rising and populations are rising just as budgets are shrinking like never before. With less and less resource available to deliver more and more support, the public sector is crying out for solutions and support.

This is where we come in. We are helping generate huge savings by supporting channel shift and delivering massive behavioural change programmes in areas such as waste and recycling (for example by getting more people to put their bins out on time, avoiding the need to contact their council’s busy customer services team, and recycling more). On top of that, we are also leading the way on income generation too. Whether it’s Havering Council using us to help generate an additional £770k of income through their green garden waste collection scheme, or something much smaller such as Caerphilly generating income by fully booking their 10k fun run and securing an event sponsor, we help the public sector bring in the money which helps them balance the books without needing to cut quite so many services. And that makes us feel lovely.

Our name matters

GovDelivery became Granicus at the start of 2017 after we were bought by an incredible venture capital company and merged with another awesome company of the same size (who we’d wanted to work with for years anyway). We now work with around 3,000 organisations around the world and as of the start of 2018 we deliver messages to 176 million people. In the UK we work with 150 of the most forward-thinking public sector organisations and help 11.5 million subscribers get access to the news and information that matters to them.

We know a lot of people, regularly meeting with them at meetings and events around the country and throughout the year. We pride ourselves on helping them do even more awesome things, constantly looking for ways of sharing good practice and information even if it’s not something we’ve delivered ourselves. People see the Granicus name and know that we stand for fantastic client success and the very best of practice in the UK. That means we get to hear about inspiring things and help spread the good cheer. What’s not to like about that?!

Thought leaders

It would be easy enough to simply provide a service and wait for people to buy it. But it would also be incredibly boring. We don’t want to be vendors, we want to partners, and for a partnership to work it needs give and take from both sides.

That’s why we regularly go above and beyond to give a little back to the community. We run free events around the country to bring together fantastic people and celebrate the best of practices. We run free webinars on topics as diverse as crisis communications and GDPR. We even commission and release free whitepapers and guides for people to download and use, covering income generation, public engagement, web trends and more.

All of that is free. Some have said that we could charge hundreds of pounds for our events as some other people do, but we do it because it’s the right thing to do. And it means we get to see those interesting, wonderful people doing inspiring things even more, which can only be a good thing.

Free tea and coffee

One of our team recalls that the day they joined one particular local authority was the day that they banned tea and coffee in meetings. Staff were in uproar, but savings were needed, so they needed to start paying for these sorts of things out of their own pockets.

At Granicus we get as much tea and coffee as you can drink (at least, in the office we do). We also get snacks, 25 days’ annual leave, the opportunity for international travel, team outings, pension contributions, the potential for bonuses if targets are met and competitive salaries. It’s these sorts of little touches and many more that show Granicus really cares about its employees. We’re not just a bunch of colleagues who happen to work together; with a small UK team we really are a family unit who are there for each other and support each other every day. That’s one hell of a perk. (Some of our team are pictured in this blog.)

So if you are looking around and thinking that you want to work for somewhere that truly believes in helping the public service be even better, who have a long track record of making people’s lives better, who are at the cutting edge of thinking and who are literally asked to spend as much time as possible around awesome people, take a look at our Junior Client Success Consultant or Account Executive roles and get in touch.