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A year at Granicus

A year is a long time in politics. It’s a long time in many things in fact. A lot can change. Decisions which seemed good at the time can turn out to in fact not be so good after all.

It was just over a year ago that I agreed to join Granicus, then known as GovDelivery. I’d been aware of the company for a number of years and been a keen admirer of what they did, and when the opportunity came to join the team I jumped at the chance.

That year has seen a lot of change here at Granicus. We’ve merged with the perfect complementary company (taking on their organisational name in the process) to become one which delivers a wide range of digital services to around 3,000 public sector organisations around the world, including delivering information to around 176 million people. We are still growing, too, and here in the UK we are currently looking for both a Junior Client Success Consultant along with an Account Executive to help us work more closely with the NHS and other health organisations.

So as my first full year as an Account Executive at Granicus comes to an end, on reflection would I make the same move again? Knowing what I know now, would I still make the jump to this new organisation?

Emphatically, unquestionably, definitely, yes.

Working at Granicus has been everything I would have hoped for it to have been and more. It has enabled me to travel the world to meet people doing incredible things, and meet new people up and down the country who are inspirations to their peers in public service and to me. I’ve judged awards which have left me speechless in their awesomeness, presented ideas at conferences that have hopefully made people think and have enabled more organisations to join the Granicus family.

Is it hard work at times? Yes. Does it need me to be at the top of my game? Yes. Does it leave me exhausted at the end of long weeks? Yes. Is it worth it? Yes.

There are few jobs in the private sector which allow you to really make the most of your passion for public service, knowing that the need for the business to operate effectively will always be balanced with our need for the public sector to thrive. Granicus was founded on the principles of helping the public sector reach out to more people and do amazing things, and this still holds true today.

All of us here are able to go to sleep each night knowing that our work is making the country a little better every day. We are helping and supporting amazing people to do amazing things. We are also helping make people’s lives just that little bit easier. Sometimes, simply getting a reminder to put the right bin out is enough to make life that little bit smoother. We help people get those reminders.

We are also growing. Not only in terms of bringing new members of staff into our team, but also in terms of all the things we can offer. We are now looking to bring the most successful meeting management suite in the US over to the UK, including agenda management, minutes and webcasting. We have public engagement platforms and internal training platforms to help organisations improve, on top of our world-famous GovDelivery Communications Cloud to get emails and SMS messages out to people. There are lots of exciting things already happening, and no doubt even more planned for 2018.

I go to work proud each day to be part of the Granicus team. I’m proud of my colleagues, who each support and enable awesomeness to flourish, and can’t wait to work with some new people who can add their own flavour to the Granicus pot. I truly believe that we are already doing great things; if you think you can help us do even more then apply today and tell us how. Then help us make it happen.

Please see our vacancies here.