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Granicus partners with Orlo

Granicus is delighted to introduce a new partnership with the Orlo social media management platform to help our customers as they serve the public through new channels, grow their audiences, and enhance citizen engagement on local and national matters.

In conversations with our customers, we’ve seen a demand for social tools improve facilitation of social publishing, citizen engagement, and sentiment analysis. Customers have also seen that an effective social media management strategy has driven an increase in Granicus subscribers.

Granicus is well positioned to support the public sector’s management and use of social media. We have an established presence in communications, engagement, and citizen service. By adding social capabilities through our partnership with Orlo, we can further enhance experiences for citizens and residents while opening new ways to interact, gauge sentiment, and foster trust and engagement between public sector organisations and the communities they serve.

Orlo is the UK’s number one social media management platform, and the only platform built with the needs of public sector marketing, comms, and customer service professionals in mind from day one. Trusted by over 100 of the nation’s councils, two-thirds of UK policing, and many public sector organisations across the country, the tool allows organisations to broadcast messages and bring together conversations across social media, chatbot, live chat, WhatsApp, and SMS. As a result, the Orlo tool provides a unified view of both public and private digital interactions. With a suite of powerful reports underpinned by intelligent AI, Orlo takes the guesswork out of managing reputation and improving citizen experience, empowering organisations to build trust, and engage their communities.

Together, Granicus and Orlo will provide public sector users with a solution to improve social publishing and leverage multichannel communications to better inform communication and engagement strategies. Discover more about implementing the Orlo tool into existing Granicus options by speaking with a Granicus representative.