What is Citizen Engagement?

Whether it's to access services, share an opinion at a city council meeting, or get updates about what’s happening at a particular public sector organization, citizen engagement is all about interacting with government. Increasingly, citizen engagement is moving into digital environments.

Question Mark IconWhy is it important?

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Citizen engagement is at the core of democracy and a representative government. A world without citizen engagement is one in which government officials remain in the dark about the will of the people. That’s why expanding citizen engagement through digital channels—which can be accessed anytime, anywhere—is vitally important. Today’s citizens have high expectations about the way they interact with private business and also the public sector institutions that support them. Automating engagement, and bringing the information to the citizen ultimately increases engagement.

Increasingly, citizen engagement is moving into digital environments, where people can watch live streaming of public meetings, submit comments about legislation, or apply for a citizen board seat. Citizens prefer to engage with their local, state, and federal agencies but often find they lack the time. Enabling digital engagement allows citizens to easily participate in increasing positive outcomes for all.

Granicus G iconHow does Granicus help?

Granicus’ suite of tools each help to improve citizen engagement and the citizen experience. Public sector organizations that use Granicus’ govMeetings solution provides a public meeting experience that meets the needs of both the organization and citizens looking to participate. Agendas can be produced and published ahead of the meeting online, making it easier to find upcoming items that impact people and allow those who can’t attend to submit comments on the items ahead of time. During the meeting, a live stream of the video allows anyone to watch in real time or on-demand later. And because of its integration with govDelivery, citizens can get alerts straight to their inbox when minutes are digitally published. If they want to get more directly involved in specific issues, they can use Granicus Boards and Commissions to apply for a citizen board or committee. Granicus empowers modern digital government to engage with citizens like never before.

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