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EngagementHQ: Engagement Embeds

Meet your community where they are.



Put the community at the centre of everything you do

Community members shouldn’t have to do their own detective work when it comes to finding engagement consultations. EngagementHQ’s Engagement Embeds allows you to generate a code snippet or stand-alone link and place it in a location your community frequents – making sure everyone has equal opportunity to have their say.

A citizen-centric approach to engagement

Participation takes multiple forms

You need more than reactive feedback. Community preferences on how and when they engage are changing faster than ever. Engagement Embeds gives you real-time, actionable feedback at every touchpoint – from corporate websites to your CMS.

Give relationships room to grow

Engagement Embeds reduce unnecessary back and forth by serving the right questions at the right time in the right place. By combining a consistent engagement experience with a centralised and streamlined workflow, you can focus on growing relationships with your community, not managing tools.

More context for faster comprehension

Unshackle engagement initiatives from a single environment and tap into a trove of top-of-mind resident feedback no matter the channel. Leverage the settings and context your community is familiar with while increasing reach and transparency.

“We don’t currently have an easy way for communications to use engagement tools such as quick polls across our websites. Engagement Embeds allows the City to aggregate input from other media with data in an engagement project, and enable us to get a more full, data-rich view of our community’s perspectives.”
– City of St John’s Newfoundland