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Granicus simplifies location finding for the public sector with what3words

Granicus is excited to announce the govService platform now supports what3words to help public sector organisations find, report and save precise locations easily, accurately and efficiently.

Describing specific locations can be difficult — especially for places without a street address like a park, a piece of public furniture or an unmarked road. That’s why we have added what3words to our list of partners that we work closely with to improve the public services for citizens.

What3words is a simple way to communicate any precise location. Every 3 metre square in the world has been given a unique combination of three words: a what3words address. For example, the exact location of Granicus office in London can be found at ///amount.voices.daisy. This means exact locations can be recorded and shared more easily — using just three words.

Whether it is reporting a damaged tree in the park, a pothole in the street or antisocial behaviour on the village green, what3words enables platform users to share accurate GPS coordinates in a simpler, more human-friendly format.

The govService platform can support converting any given what3words to a location immediately displayed on a map. In addition, it can convert a map location to the given what3words address, enabling locations to be passed between teams and different agencies quickly and easily.

In addition to what3words, the govService platform’s comprehensive integration engine allows integration with an array of other third-party systems via open standards, creating a plethora of supplemental options. To date, the platform has been integrated with more than 100 lines of business systems.

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