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Granicus Releases Annual Digital Benchmark Report for the Public Sector

Granicus, the largest provider of cloud-based software solutions to government, today announced the release of its annual digital benchmark report for government. The 2017 Granicus Benchmark Report: Insights for Mapping an Effective Digital Strategy identifies proven digital benchmarking metrics for measuring digital communications within government. This is the second edition of the Granicus Benchmark Report and includes best practices, trends and insights that support the work of government organizations in accomplishing their missions.

Government agencies using Granicus solutions sent nearly 10 billion digital messages in the past year to millions of citizens, but often have very different practices for increasing engagement and enhancing digital communications. In the report, Granicus measured activity of over 3,000 government organizations using digital communications to connect with over 150 million individuals to determine the most important approaches, tactics and strategies to strengthen the relationship between government and citizens across the country.

“As the leading provider of cloud-based software solutions to government, Granicus is in a unique position to provide valuable insight into digital trends and tactics that have demonstrated effectiveness in the public sector which can help organizations accomplish their critical missions,” said Mark Hynes, CEO of Granicus. “From providing life-saving information in times of crisis, to informing citizens of where to vote on Election Day, effective government communications is vital to the citizen experience – this is why utilizing proven best practices and methods is so critical. With these new benchmark metrics, government organizations will have clear insight into how to optimize their outreach and engagement efforts.”

Snapshot of Findings:

In addition to reporting metrics by government vertical (agriculture, education, economic development, focused), new to this year’s benchmark report includes metrics by administrator (admin size), which references the number of government employees who regularly access Granicus’ GovDelivery Communications Cloud to send and track messages.

In order to more directly support the needs of government, this report also provides resources, best practices and real examples of government communications to help government organizations develop and execute successful digital practices in the coming year and beyond.

“Again this year, Granicus’ benchmarking data highlights a compelling story in the world of government communications,” added Hynes. “We continue to see advancements in methods used by the public sector to communicate and government organizations becoming increasingly sophisticated in their outreach. The practice of comparing digital engagement metrics with the very best in government is an important exercise for continuous improvement.”

The data in the 2017 Granicus Benchmark Report was measured from July 2016 to June 2017. Granicus used median figures because it is a more accurate representation of customer performance and is not affected by outliers.

For a free copy of the 2017 Granicus Benchmark Report, download it here and sign up for the upcoming webinar on July 26 at 2:00 p.m. EST, “2017 Benchmarks: How Does Your Digital Strategy Stack Up?

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