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Granicus govDelivery communication platform enables Lancashire Police to optimise recruitment for the force

Versatile communication tool provided by Granicus keeps potential applicants up to date and informed on job opportunities and application progress

November 2020: Granicus, a market-leading provider of digital solutions to the public sector, has announced that Lancashire Police has gone live with its govDelivery platform to support employee recruitment efforts.

The police force is using advanced features of govDelivery, a cloud-based, integrated communications platform designed by Granicus, to create job alerts that notify interested applicants of a range of available roles and target them via email with valuable, action-oriented information about working at the organisation. This technology will support all recruitment drives at Lancashire Police, which has been given the opportunity to employ hundreds of police officers along with other police staff roles, as part of the nationwide national police uplift programme.

The force aims to attract new talent using innovative techniques, including utilising the relationships neighbourhood officers have by sharing recruitment postcards featuring QR codes. When officers are speaking to someone in the community who they think would make a great addition to the force they can share the code, which takes the user to a hidden govDelivery sign-up page on the recruitment website. This page encourages the prospective candidate to input their details and access the email campaign about careers with Lancashire Police.

The govDelivery platform gives the force the opportunity to fully manage all of its communications from one place. Used by marketing and HR, it was chosen due to its ability to capture data that enables effective targeting of applicants with relevant information. This new capability represents an advance for Lancashire Police, as it was unable to offer tailored sign-up job alerts for potential applicants in the past.

The platform also keeps recent applicants engaged, as the process from filling in the application form to becoming a police officer can take up to 12 months. Through the platform, Lancashire Police can target these individuals with relevant information at each step of the way on their journey to joining the force.

Ian Roberts, Managing Director for Granicus UK, comments on the partnership with Lancashire Police: “We’re really impressed with the creative ways Lancashire Police plans to use govDelivery; we feel it really highlights the versatility of the platform, and the range of bottleneck issues it can address at any type of organisation. The key with this implementation was the speed of it. Lancashire Police was up and running in under five months, even with the pandemic. The platform is easy to use and very intuitive and thanks to this it has already become integral to the recruitment process in a very short space of time.”

Hayley Wallis, Recruitment Marketing Lead at Lancashire Police, adds:

“We saw the Granicus platform as a great opportunity to fully manage all of our communications, but we also chose it because it allows for strong use of visuals as well. The platform allows us to create engaging content, including striking visuals and video, which really brings a job advert to life. We’ve already had really great interaction rates – in fact we’ve had just over 7000 people sign up for job alerts since implementing Granicus.”

Lancashire Police began implementing govDelivery in March of this year and it was complete and in full use by the force by August. It also plans to explore how widely the platform can support other areas of the organisation including internal communications across the 5000 strong workforce.

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