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Granicus Enables More Connected Government, Reaching Millions of UK Citizens

Suite of citizen engagement and communication solutions supports hundreds of councils with critical communications and service delivery during the pandemic

January 2021: Granicus, a leading provider of cloud-based communication and digital engagement software for the public sector, today announces that more UK citizens are connecting with local governments than ever before as they seek out much needed information and services.

Granicus’ subscriber base of citizens who have opted-in to multi-channel communications from local authorities through its govDelivery email communication platform now exceeds two million in the UK. 500,000 subscribers have been added since the Covid-19 pandemic began. In the midst of the pandemic, govDelivery has enabled councils to deliver on their responsibility to communicate critical information clearly and effectively to residents, businesses, and visitors to guide them through the global crisis.

In addition, govService, Granicus’ platform for online self-service and operations automation, has now amassed more than 6.3 million registered accounts across the UK, adding almost 1.4 million since the start of March 2020. Through govService, citizens can access vital council services online, providing them with a means to connect with the local authority. The software also supports UK council’s revenue collection helping ensure continuity of needed services. Forms submissions – transactions submitted through portals powered by govService in the UK – have gone from 25 million per annum to over 40 million in the last 12 months, and over 23,000 unique services have been built and published across all UK customers – an increase of over 4,000 compared with 2019.

Ian Roberts, Managing Director at Granicus says “Following what was a very challenging year for the UK, the vital role that our local authorities play in keeping our citizens safe has been amplified. The need for them to keep providing these services during the pandemic, while maintaining social distancing, has propelled digital transformation forward across the public sector. We’re proud to have supported many councils on this journey – helping them provide better customer service and communication to residents, businesses and visitors, and within their own organisations.”

Commenting on how his team uses the Granicus govService platform, Tom Styles, Service Development Manager at Nottinghamshire County Council says: “During the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to stand up a new service in two days. The combination of doing something quickly and iterating without procurement process – and knowing all the time, that form was going to be secure and compliant. This impact drives home how valuable this software has been.”

Granicus further expanded its offering in 2020 through a strategic partnership with GovTech, a specialist in digital process automation, creating an off-the-shelf, fully integrated Revenues and Benefits solution for councils to engage with citizens. This has significantly improved internal processes and driven cost efficiencies for councils, which has been vital as budgets have come under increased pressure.

In September, Granicus was also listed as an approved supplier on G-Cloud 12, the UK Government’s Digital Marketplace for public sector procurement. All Granicus’s key products – which enable better engagement and communication with citizens – are now available for local authority and central government teams to procure via the framework.

About Granicus

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