Granicus Business Continuity Amid COVID-19

Dear Granicus Customers,

We understand that your primary focus right now is on keeping your communities and residents safe in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. At Granicus, we are monitoring the changing COVID-19 situation very closely and want to provide our customers and partners with an update on our related efforts.

We remain focused on making sure our customers have the knowledge and capabilities they need to keep their residents safe and to suppress the spread of COVID-19, with the support of your Granicus solutions. The security, availability, and resiliency of our platforms and solutions remain top priorities for us as you leverage these platforms to combat this current crisis. We remain at the ready to support you as additional and unexpected challenges arise while maintaining the security, compliance, and operational excellence that our customers demand.

We are dedicated to your success and understand that during this time government organisations must continue operating and serving the public. Over the past weeks, you have delivered millions of COVID-19-related communications, content and messages across our platforms. We recognize the importance of communication and community engagement in times of uncertainty. Your efforts are essential to inform, reassure, and influence your residents to action as we all work together to limit the spread of COVID-19 and care for those affected by it. Our team is ready to support you, our customers, in any situation — without disruptions.

Further, we are focused on three primary areas to ensure our ability to support your ongoing needs in the face of this international situation:

Customer Support & Service

Our expert support and services teams are committed to helping you manage the increasing demands on your government function. We have proven best practices to manage surges in support requests. We are aggressively working on establishing a new COVID-19 communications community to enable you to share and learn from your peers, for which we will be sharing details shortly.

Software Reliability & Security

Our products and cloud infrastructure have massive scalability and are designed to cope with spikes in activity caused by national emergencies like COVID-19. Our engineering teams are monitoring the activities across our data centres and cloud providers and are fully prepared to handle large and sudden surges in activity. We have stress tested our systems and managed through other high-volume periods swiftly and we are confident our preparations will ensure your ongoing success.

Employee Safety & Precautions

In effort to “flatten the curve” of the spread of COVID-19, we felt a social responsibility to implement a work-from-home operating model. With a highly distributed workforce in the U.S. and U.K., we have a history of effective remote work and productivity.  You should expect business as usual from our teams while we continue to focus on your needs first. And more so, we are incredibly proud that our mission-driven employees have gone well above and beyond at this critical moment to deliver extraordinary service and new capabilities to support our government agency customers in this time of need.

Additionally, in accordance with the CDC and WHO recommendations, we have halted non-essential business travel. While our teams are readily available to assist you, please expect us to connect with you virtually in most situations.

I encourage you to reach out to our support team or your account management team with any questions or concerns. 
We’re proud to support you in this unprecedented time. Thank you for the critical work that you do.


Mark Hynes 
CEO, Granicus