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We’re talking rubbish again…

Wrexham county borough stats slide

Granicus has had the pleasure of working with Wrexham County Borough Council for many years now and are always kept on my toes with awesome challenges on how we can constantly improve on campaigns. We wanted to share a glimpse of how they have integrated both Firmstep and govDelivery to create a seamless bin reminder service for residents which has led to some pretty incredible outcomes.

Wrexham County Borough Council's Engagement Platform

Just over 20% of all households are subscribed for bin reminders now – pretty impressive reach hey? But for Wrexham simply offering this wasn’t enough and they wanted to integrate their existing MyAccount portal with this service. They fully integrated their Firmstep forms package with govDelivery using the API so residents can complete the whole subscription process in one place with no need to duplicate information.

Wrexham's Portal Screenshot

There has also been significant work with the customer service team who as part of their call scripts will offer a bin reminder subscription to those who call about waste. Wrexham have said that by far the bin reminders are the most popular subscription topic they offer.

As a result of this seamless integration Wrexham saw a 48% reduction in calls about people putting the wrong bin out and 27% reduction in contaminated waste.

Bin Collection bulletin examples

Wrexham have also integrated their Firmstep My Account service with their Council Tax system so that their residents can view their information all in one place. They also utilise Firmstep’s back office function which provides them with comprehensive workflow management which then links to the My Requests element of the My Account providing updates on service requests.

Moving forwards Wrexham have grand plans to integrate their other services into their online forms such as School Admissions and Free School Meals and move all PDF forms to the Firmstep forms package. We are really excited to see where this goes and the results they achieve and are really proud to share just one way that Granicus and Firmstep make the perfect partnership. If you want more information or would like to explore this further then feel free to reach out to us at If you would like to view the webinar we did recently with Wrexham you can get it here.