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Unprecedented change calls for a meeting of great minds

There is an apocryphal story about former Prime Minister Harold Macmillan that has become a cliché but still resonates.

When asked what can most easily steer a government off course, he is said to have answered, “Events, dear boy. Events”.

There has never been a time in my long (very long) memory when we have had so many unprecedented and often frightening events to challenge and change us.

From terror on the streets of London and Manchester to the political and economic fallout from Brexit, via the horror of Grenfell Tower and the impact of austerity.

Events, dear boy. Events.

This has put extraordinary pressure on the public sector communications profession in particular to step up to the mark repeatedly to explain, reassure, involve and support.

And at a time when communications teams are being cut and their budgets squeezed.

So, the Granicus Annual Public Sector Communications Conference 2017 couldn’t be timelier in bringing together some of the best of the profession to break bread, learn from each other and seek answers.

This is the context in which I want to outline some of the themes and trends shaping the comms industry of the present and the future.

Whether it is the rise of Fake News, the changing role of comms people or the more strategic use of digital, there is plenty to talk about, dear boy. Plenty.

Paul Masterman, Associate of the Local Government Association and Strategic Communications Specialist, will be speaking about the challenges and opportunities for public sector communicators at Granicus’ Annual Public Sector Communications Conference on 26 September in London – a great learning and networking opportunity. Register here, it’s free.