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Software implementation – So you got the go ahead to purchase some new software … but now what?

You have done the all important business case and hoorah, it get’s signed off and you purchase that all so exciting software that you have been dreaming of (or maybe that was just me and my inner/ slightly out geek!) but, now what? Well, now is when the fun really begins and you officially become a client and move into the all so important implementation phase.

Top tips for a successful implementation

geek implementation warning

    1. Define what success looks like to your organisation – be very clear on your reason for purchasing the software and your main objectives for year 1 prior to your implementation kick-off. Knowing the top 3 things you are looking to achieve will really help the team support you and give you the best possible start.
    2. Share the love, get people involved – It is easy to purchase then walk away but if this is important to you then you should stay involved and invite colleagues from other departments who could achieve great value from using the software (e.g. customer service teams, communications teams, transformation teams, digital teams etc). The more excitement you build the more likely it is that this will be a massive success.

  1. Make the most of added value within the software – Don’t rule out the opportunity to do things in a different way or to start something new.
  2. Have an open mind – Old habits die hard but to be truly successful with your new software it is absolutely essential that you can be open to change and process re-engineering.
  3. Don’t devalue your investment – Whatever you do, do not fall into the trap of undervaluing your investment – there are no doubts in my mind, software is an investment and one that needs nurturing and loving throughout it’s life.
  4. Integration – Consider the dream, seamless discussions amongst disparate systems… oh yes, now I am in heaven. Seriously though, this is an opportunity to think about your other tools and seek opportunities to integrate them into your new software to improve processes.
  5. Run an internal PR campaign – I am guessing some of your reasons for procuring a new software were around increasing efficiency and productivity so it is absolutely essential that you demonstrate the value to each and every department/team and importantly, how the software will help support their organisational goals.
  6. Clean up your data – This is a chance to have a fresh start, maybe the separation from your old supplier was tough, maybe this is the first time you have dabbled in dating software but whatever the reason, see this as an opportunity to only move data that is current and compliant.

Here at Granicus we have an exceptional team with vast experience of running and managing successful implementations. Below you can see the stages of a digital journey with the team and you can read more about their services here. Rest assured, I have been through this process myself first hand when I purchased the software in my previous role and it really does work and set you up for success from the word go.

implementation process

This post originally appeared on LinkedIn Pulse