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Small communications team? Two proven digital engagement tactics to help you

In a digitally connected world, the private sector is having to move toward a “customer-centric” approach to business and all its communications – to drive more revenue and higher customer retention. A “spray and pray” approach to customer comms just doesn’t cut it anymore… it probably never did.

The same is true for the public sector where a “citizen-centric” communications strategy is paramount, and key to the success of any campaign. To achieve results, often according to tough objectives, government communicators must understand their audiences’ needs. Each message MUST be relevant and useful to every recipient – you’ll need some data to achieve that…

As a small communications team, often you may not feel you have the capacity to get this right all the time. You can only do so much. This is where message automation and pre-built campaigns can help multiply your efforts (effortlessly!) and increase your results. With these two tools, you can save time and energy, especially with limited staff resources.

Automated messaging

What does automated messaging “look like”? One example could be a set of marketing emails sent automatically on a schedule – for example, an email is sent when someone signs up to your email update, and another is sent three days later. Or, a series of emails (to-be-deployed) can be set up, based on behaviours/actions taken – e.g. when someone signs up to a particular e-update topic, they interact with a piece of content, or click somewhere on your website.

It’s all in the data: communications teams that use automated, data-driven messaging see the highest return on investment (ROI). According to Epsilon Email Institute, automated email messages average 70.5% higher open rates and 152% higher click-through rates than “business as usual” marketing messages. Your messages need to be intelligent.

This is because message automation delivers customer-centric communications based on where each “customer” is in the “customer journey” – or journey toward engaging with your services / taking a desired action – e.g. paying their rent, council tax bill, or filling out a job application. By automating a series of targeted messages – for audiences segmented by sociodemographic characteristics, interests, location or engagement activity, public sector communicators can make a significant impact on campaign effectiveness and deliver according to key objectives.

Pre-built campaigns

Enter pre-built digital campaigns… a capability in our Advanced Package for Communications Cloud. Pre-built campaigns allow you to share your organisation’s brand story, mission, initiatives, and resources in an efficient and engaging way, at scale and with agility. They’re user-friendly, intuitive, and suitable for use by communicators at any level.

Pre-built campaigns allow you to better scale your efforts through templates and ready-made functions. With these campaigns, everything is set up for you. You’re ready to go! No need to add manpower or extra resources.

Here are a few benefits that organisations can enjoy with pre-built campaigns:

Onboard new audiences: New subscribers are the “ripest” and ready for meaningful interaction. This is the perfect moment to lay the groundwork for sustainable and longer-term engagement with your organisation. Pre-built onboarding campaigns help organisations maximise the impact of a first impression. Our automated series of welcome messages offers a standardised approach to introducing an organisation’s brand, services, and resources to new subscribers. Instead of bombarding new audiences with communications right from the off, each carefully designed onboarding message can gradually introduce them to your organisation and set expectations. If you make a great first impression, your audience is more likely to trust you and remain subscribed to your e-updates. They might even decide they like you enough to sign up for more!

Cross-promote initiatives and services: Expert communicators want to support their customers to do more, as much as possible. You want to get the most out of each subscriber and actively communicate content to them that is likely to be of interest (or provide content that is a priority for their agency and in-sync with what “customers” want and need). Through pre-built campaigns, you can tap into existing audiences to cross-promote relevant or new initiatives and services, and ultimately drive more awareness and real engagement among existing subscribers.

Re-engage inactive audiences: There are a million reasons why people may not open or click an email, but organisations can help drive increased message engagement through pre-built re-engagement campaigns. Nudge sleepy subscribers who haven’t engaged within a specific time period and drive up the opens and clicks you need, while re-activating your relationship. The messages you’re sending should not massage your organisation’s ego – they must be focused on helping your customer and providing info that is of use to them. If you’ve got this right, don’t be afraid to proactively encourage them back into the fold – chances are they will want to receive the content you’re proposing.

Message automation and sustained campaigns are part of an integrated mix of techniques used by today’s top public sector communicators to engage citizens and drive positive action for the benefit of society.

If you are stuck in a rut communicating through traditional methods and aren’t seeing an improvement in customer engagement levels, now is the time to consider the Advanced Package for the Communications Cloud. Our cloud-based solution provides real-time functionality and can boost the impact your team can have, helping to increase campaign results and the success of your initiatives.

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