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Seven benefits of asynchronous online engagement

People often ask about the benefits of asynchronous forms of online engagement versus the more traditional alternative of everyone being at the same place at the same time, quite often on Zoom (a.k.a., synchronous engagement). So, we put together this list of benefits: 

  1. More time for reflection and the option to change one’s mind, which also encourages thoughtfulness: the benefit of having a little more time to think for one’s self and collect our thoughts before commenting. 
  2. Mitigates participant glossophobia, which is a fear of public speaking, a common phobia believed to affect up to three-quarters of the population.  
  3. Allows for multi-tasking and dip-in-and-out deliberative engagement, which better suites busy schedules.  
  4. Promotes deep engagement without the expectation of an instant reply, which allows for more time spent on a task without disruption.  
  5. Reduces “always-on” burnout and ”Zoom fatigue.”  
  6. More flexibility for participant recruitment because you can select people from around the world.  
  7. Prevents dominant voices from taking over synchronous dialogue, therefore encouraging a greater diversity of ideas and opinions.  

With its eight dialogue tools and 14 information widgets, EngagementHQ is the perfect platform for capturing the benefits of asynchronous communication and hosting productive and inclusive public engagement projects.  

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