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Nottingham Community Housing Association goes live with govDelivery

It’s always exciting when a new client launches govDelivery, last week saw Nottingham Community Housing Association (NCHA) go live. Here’s what NCHA’s Digital and Design Manager, Laura van Weyenbergh had to say following their launch.

“NCHA provides housing and care to people all over the East Midlands. We also design and build houses for commercial sale.

We wanted to find a new way to connect with our various audiences – people who live in our homes, people who use our care services (and their families), employees and potential employees, anyone who might be looking for a new home in the region, families who are looking for care homes for their loved ones, our stakeholders and board members, and more.

Man looking at NCHA website on a laptop, the screen is displaying an overlay to encourage signups

Email has always been a bit of a gap in our mix of digital channels: for years we never even asked our customers for their email addresses, and those addresses we did have weren’t necessarily accompanied by the appropriate level of consent to send email newsletters to. We decided to start from scratch with Granicus, encouraging people to sign up to the topics they are interested in. It meant that our mailing lists for some of the topics we have created newsletters for started with zero subscribers, which was rather daunting. But within a few days of the system going live, the numbers were clicking up and it felt like the right choice.

We paid for the system with savings we’d made by reducing the number of editions of our tenant magazine from four a year down to two (and we still had plenty of money left to put in the NCHA piggy bank). We were well-supported through the implementation process, and by the time the day came round to send out our first newsletter, we felt confident enough to push the button!

Jobs and volunteering e-newsletter on mobile device

People can sign up for newsletters on everything from job vacancies and ways to get involved with NCHA to new homes and advice on making your money go further. It’s been useful to us to see which topics are most popular – for example, we had no idea just how many people were interested to get updates from us on the new homes we’re working on. With affordable homes in short supply, it’s not surprising, but until now people didn’t have an easy way of getting that information from us.

Colleagues in our Marketing Communications team are sending out the emails, and their feedback on using the system has been very positive. We’re hoping to start using it for internal communications soon, with emails tailored to NCHA’s line managers.”

Well done Laura and the Granicus Implementation team on another successful launch! We’re really excited to see how NCHA uses the govDelivery platform to help deliver their outcomes through digital communications.

If you’re a housing association looking to reach and engage with customers, stakeholders and staff through email marketing, newsletters and campaigns get in touch to find out what Granicus and govDelivery can do for you.