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Join my Council Tax Army today

Some of the best and most successful email campaigns I have seen come from the most simple ideas.. you know the ones where you go ‘why didn’t I think of that?’. This was proven when Rob at Gedling Borough Council devised a Council Tax campaign in a mission to reduce calls and in-person visits, drive up direct debit payments and get people to notify the council if their circumstances had changed. Rob’s success was quickly recognised and picked up by other authorities but not nearly enough and that’s why I have decided to write this and encourage others to do exactly the same.

Rob’s concept was this, before the bills were issued, contact the council tax payers to let them know they were on their way, advise them on what action (if any) they needed to take including calls to action for direct debit, change of circumstances and also, cross promoting other topics that they could sign up for. The reason the cross-promotion was so important was because after the campaign we had to remove all of the emails from the system to comply with GDPR. He sent this email out to 10,000 residents and saw some incredible results:

  • 70% open rate
  • 14% reduction in calls
  • £8000 worth of savings
  • 10% conversion of subscribers to other topics.

I then went to speak with Alb at Bradford and he decided to have a go as well with some equally impressive results – see below:

So, it really is that simple and with results this good, can you afford not to? Join my CT Army today, you’ll be in great company with Bradford, Gedling and Nottingham – let me know if I can help you – happy Friday!