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Introducing our new online weekly training sessions

Chinese Whispers is a dangerous game

If I had a pound for every time a client said “I didn’t know that feature existed” or “I didn’t know I could do that”, let’s just say I would be pretty darn rich by now. I really believe in empowering my customers to do things for themselves but I do make an exception when it comes to delivering training to new users. I have seen it so many times, the Chinese whisper effect where a super user will train and educate other users and so it goes on however, with each person a little bit of vital knowledge is lost to the point where people become frustrated with the perceived limitations that actually don’t exist.

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Things don’t stay the same for long..

As with any good tech firm, things do not stay the same.We are constantly striving to introduce new functionality and features that make it easier for our clients to achieve what they want. Despite an influx of communications about these features, sadly it is overlooked meaning that there is no organisational awareness of the developments. One other thing is the constant ownership changes of the product within organisations meaning that responsibility is passed round and people are often left feeling alone with no choice but to simply have a play with the product. Needless to say, with some accounts having hundreds and thousands of subscribers, this is a dangerous move.

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So what are we doing about it?

We are committed to training and development for all of our clients and based on what we are hearing, we will shortly be introducing weekly live online training sessions in the UK that are free and easy to access. The sessions will be run by our very own implementation experts Fleur and Dan and will alternate between building a bulletin and admin training. Sessions will be held on Tuesdays between 11.30am and 1pm via GoToWebinar. Please follow the links below to register yourself online for one of our sessions:

Administrator Training – Register Here

Advanced Bulletin Training – Register Here