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Governments of the world, unite!

Can you imagine a world where government is your best friend? Or a “brand” that you love?

I can. And so should you. All of us living in so-called Western democracies have been facing very similar issues over the past few years. On the subject of governance, a decline in citizens’ trust in institutions, politicians, and ‘the establishment’ is very real. Scepticism is here.

And in my opinion, these feeling arise primarily because governments have not yet sufficiently adapted to cope with the digital age. They don’t yet have truly effective citizen engagement strategies.

What’s needed is governments’ commitment to cooperation, a willingness to listen, empathy, and driving innovation.

Nobody wants to work in or with government agencies that are hostile, distant, and unwilling to engage with stakeholders and citizens, particularly when the services the organisations deliver affect them. Instead, what we all should be striving for are governments that work with the people – to foster understanding, customer satisfaction and trust, and mutual respect.

Here at GovDelivery, we’re working relentlessly with governments to find new and innovative ways to establish mutual cooperation with citizens (and between government agencies) in this digital-by-default era. Our technologies and services bring together over 1,800 government organisations around the world, which are already engaging over 120 million citizens. We’re proud to be empowering better collaboration and knowledge sharing among governments and citizens.

I think that every government agency could become a future ‘love brand’. 

I really do.

So how can GovDelivery possibly help your organisation achieve higher customer satisfaction and earn the public’s trust?

Our citizen engagement technologies and know-how are being used by government organisations in 30+ countries. Not only in the West. Today, more than 120 million people are using our GovDelivery Network worldwide to receive updates from government on the things they care about – from government policy changes to public service updates, educational messages, event invitations, and life-saving reminders about allergies and food recalls.

DKAN Open Data Publishing tool is being used in Taiwan, Indonesia, Jamaica, Ukraine, Puerto Rico, Scotland, Mexico… and many more countries in Africa, the Americas and in Europe. GovDelivery’s Data team is using DKAN to help agencies migrate, publish and visualise data in ways that make citizens lives easier.

Don’t sit peacefully and wait for miracles to happen. They won’t.

But a more open government, and better relationships between governments and citizens, are within reach. Let’s have a chat about how you (civil servants, politicians, local and central government officers, citizens and anyone else interested in helping make society work better together) can make a bigger difference now.

Change, action and trust in government doesn’t just happen. Respect is earned.

Contact me if you’d like to chat more on this…