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Be the first to modernise your meetings and agenda management

For those who haven’t heard the good news, GovDelivery recently joined forces with another public sector behemoth, Granicus. What’s that, you say? You’ve never heard of Granicus? Well, that’s because you operate on this side of the pond.

Granicus are one of the biggest names in public sector tech in the US. Founded in the same year as GovDelivery (1999), their focus from the start was on meeting management, legislation and rule-making processes at local and federal level. They have come to dominate the US market in this area thanks to a truly powerful suite of products, from agenda management to minute creation to electronic voting to webcasting and more.

Now that they’ve joined forces with GovDelivery (and gifted us their name), combined we bring services to 150 million people around the world and work with roughly 3,000 organisations. That’s quite a number!

One thing worth highlighting, however, is that all of the Granicus services not previously offered by GovDelivery have never been brought over by them to the UK. Despite the fact that everyone from small US district councils right the way up to the top uses Granicus to manage their meetings and legislative processes, until this point they had never brought things over to the UK.

Until now, that is.

More choice for you

While there are some subtle differences, most of what has been developed and proven so widely in the US actually applies in the UK as well. Meetings need to have agendas created (and then edited to within an inch of their lives as more and more has to be crammed into the same timeslots), meetings need to be run and decisions recorded, votes counted and often broadcast over the internet for remote participants to see. Following that, everything needs to be minuted and added to the public record.

In the UK this type of functionality has been delivered primarily by a very small number of suppliers, with one major player delivering to the majority of councils across the country. This isn’t to say they’ve not done a sterling job, of course, but it is often said that healthy competition brings out the best in both sides. After all, where would Mohammed Ali be without George Foreman? Where would Sebastian Coe be without Steve Ovett? Or Tottenham without Leyton Orient? (We shan’t mention Arsenal as proper rivals to Tottenham, as officially they are a south London franchise rather than a local rival…)

Take the lead in the UK

It’s in this spirit of friendly rivalry that we are now actively looking for our first partners to introduce the Granicus Meeting and Agenda Suite in the UK, specifically our agenda management and approvals solutions. We know it works. It works for thousands of organisations doing pretty much the same tasks, almost every day of the year. It is the biggest supplier of its kind in the whole of the US. We want to make it work here for you too.

It’ll take some boldness to be the first UK organisation to step up. We are looking for organisations who regard themselves as digital leaders, and who are willing to look beyond our own national borders to find the very best ways of doing the tasks they need to do. You’ll no longer have to use Outlook to manage meetings and approvals, or create agendas manually using MS Office. Instead, we’re talking modern, streamlined, automated, pain-free meeting management that saves you time and effort.

We’ll help make your meeting management easier

If you want to do things better, get in touch. If you have never used a meeting management suite before but want to cut countless hours from your processes, get in touch. If you want to get your decision-making processes out there for more people to understand and contribute to, get in touch. Even if you currently use a different suite of digital tools to do all this but want to upgrade to something better, now’s the time to give us a call.

We’re confident we have the best meeting and agenda suite out there, period. And we have reams of organisations in the US already revolutionising their processes with our tools.

Are you ready to be one of the first in the UK?

Please give me (Glen Ocskó, Account Executive at Granicus) a call on 07557 764 070 or email me at