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Digital Community Engagement for Utilities

Energy, Water, and Gas company decisions hold heavy impact for our communities and these organisations are looking toward stakeholder and customer engagement to get it right. With regulatory requirements governing engagement around pricing structures, terms of service budgeting for infrastructure and maintenance, and efficiency programs — the need for a centralised coordinated engagement platform is great. Utilities across the globe are utilising the flexibility and convenience of EngagementHQ online engagement platform. Providing a dynamic environment to educate and gather stakeholder and customer feedback, engagement leads to decisions supported by customers, stakeholders, and their communities.

trust icon Featured Utility Projects

See how EngagementHQ is being used to listen to and inform patients and stakeholders for better decision making across systems.

Statkraft | Energy | UK
This is our dedicated consultation website to engage with those interested in our development projects in the UK.
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Aurora Energy | NZ
Help shape Aurora Energy’s future plans for the electricity network supplying homes, farms and businesses in Dunedin, Central Otago and Queenstown Lakes.
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Gas Matters | Australia
We are Australian Gas Infrastructure Group. We own and operate infrastructure that delivers gas to more than two million Australian homes and businesses.
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Halton Hills Hydro | Canada
Find out about major projects, participate in surveys or quick polls, contribute to idea forums and ask questions.
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Roads and Water Infrastructure | Australia
We manage assets and deliver services to cater for the needs of the community.
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Icon Success Story Success Story: SA Power Networks

SA Power Networks, the sole electricity distributor in South Australia, serves the energy needs of around 900,000 customers over a vast and diverse region. Being a monopoly business, SA Power Networks is required to engage with customers as per the regulators in the sector. Conversations through various channels were already in place. But extending these conversations into a comprehensive engagement program unearthed new value for customers, stakeholders and business alike.

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“Looking after around 860,000 customers across the state, we needed a way to touch those people and connect with them, and this provided us with an opportunity to do so.”
– Jessica Vonthehoff, Manager Stakeholder Engagement & Communications, SA Power Networks


icon resources Utility Community Engagement Resources

Find a wealth of information, research and best practices to inspire your digital engagement program.

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