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Can you help with the numbers? (Research for new whitepaper)

Help. We’re writing a whitepaper with the lovely people from Granicus. We need your input. We’re running a survey and we need you to spare four minutes. There’s something in it for you too. Not just our love.

It can be tough at times in public sector communications made tougher by being handed an income target too.

What’s an income target? It’s the team being asked to generate money to help with council budgets.

This can be anything from web ads and traffic island sponsorship to something far more complex.

But it’s more than that.

It’s also comms working with service areas to help them save money too. This could be through getting more people to sign-up to a service or even to sell more tickets, traded services or other things.

So what are we doing?

I’m writing the whitepaper along with my comms2point0 colleague Darren Caveney with Granicus UK. That’s the new name for GovDelivery who are moving on to even bigger and better things.

To help with this, we’ve drawn-up a survey. If you could take a few minutes to complete it you can do that by clicking here. We’d be grateful. But you can get a copy of the findings too by completing the survey.

If you could also ping it through to a friendly finance person we’d also be very grateful.

What are we asking?

We’re seeing how comms teams budgets have been faring.

We’re seeing how the size of the team has changed.

We’re seeing if people are working with traded services.

We’re asking if you think your team will be getting bigger or smaller.

We’re asking if you help other people save money.

We’re also asking for good case studies you may have done yourself or may have seen.

More about the whitepaper and what’s in it for you

With Granicus UK we’ll be looking to make the whitepaper accessible, easy to follow and a go-to resource for what is one of the key challenges of our times.

The document will be launched later this year at Granicus’ rather excellent 2017 Public Sector Communications Conference on Tuesday September 26 in London.

By completing the survey you can get a free copy. We think that sounds pretty good.

Dan Slee is co-founder of comms2point0.