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An event to help you prepare for the future

You do not need us to tell you how important your job is. In many ways the future of public services depends on your organisation’s ability to strengthen the connection with the people you serve, and how you support them to make decisions that lead to productive, healthy and safe behaviours.

Challenging circumstances abound, which is why free events that bring together great minds and an opportunity to share experience are so important, especially if the public sector is to successfully respond to today’s challenges let alone prepare for the future.

Join hundreds of other professionals from across central and local government, the NHS, police, fire and rescue service, housing and not-for-profit sector in London on 20 September for the Granicus Digital Engagement Summit. You’ll have a chance to learn how others are using digital tech and communications (B2C, B2B and B2E – that’s “E” for “employee”) to bring about better outcomes.

Approximately 20 speakers will share good practice, ideas and experience on key topics affecting the success of your missions, and you’ll have a chance to have your say too. Topics will include:

  1. winter preparedness and public engagement
  2. fake news and public trust
  3. storytelling skills and techniques
  4. empowering employees to be brand advocates
  5. mental health support for communications professionals
  6. crisis and emergency communications
  7. AI and ML in modern public services
  8. applied psychology and behavioural change
  9. customer service and channel shift
  10. benchmarks for public sector communications performance

This is a free event for anyone working in the public or not-for-profit sectors. Afterwards you’ll have the chance to join us for complimentary networking drinks sponsored by the Council Advertising Network.

Space is limited so please book your place now. We hope you can make it!

Book your free place here >

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