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5 reasons we wanted to sponsor Comms Unplugged

1) We care

We as a team really care about our clients and have seen first hand how difficult working within government communications can be. We want to give back to the people we work with but also those who we don’t because we appreciate and understand the importance of what they do each an every day.

2)  Leaving tech behind

We’re excited to share and learn experiences with people in a non-tech environment. This is a chance for us to learn, develop but most importantly to make some new friends.

3) Ideas

By listening to all those who attend we can get some great ideas which will enhance our ability to help our clients and offer the right support/solutions.

4)  Amazing feedback

(who wouldn’t want to be part of this?)

“This is hands down the best comms event that has ever been created.”

“The most relaxed environment in which I have ever experienced work-related development.”

“It’s no exaggeration to say Comms Unplugged has changed my life. It’s broadened my horizons. It’s got me networking and enjoying it. It’s given me a confidence I didn’t even realise I was lacking, and I’ve made real friends.”

5) We are human

Contrary to belief, our team are just like everyone there. We absolutely love communications (many of us have worked in government comms teams too), we love our jobs and we love the people we work with. We do not believe in hard sell and if you want to talk to us then please do because otherwise, it will be a very lonely weekend 😊.

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