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4 reasons to switch on your “out-of-office” on 19 June

There’s a free event happening on 19 June at The Studio in Leeds for communicators working in local or central government, the NHS, housing, and blue light services. Register now for the Granicus Digital Engagement Day to learn with 100 of your peers and reconnect with the what, why and how of public sector communications’ missions. Here’s why you can’t afford to miss it:

1. Learn from 10 superstars in public sector communications 

How often do you get to attend a day’s free learning alongside some of the UK’s most well-respected public sector comms leaders? The Leeds Digital Engagement Day features a stellar lineup of speakers, including representation from LGcommunications.

Hear from: Rob Jefferson, the mastermind behind the My Doncaster’s award-winning social media journey; Emma Rodgers, whose team sent a duck into space as part of a City of Culture bid; Viki Harris, who delivered a targeted email campaign that led to a 50% reduction in recycling contaminations, and many other comms leads who are helping ensure public sector communications have a positive impact in people’s lives as well as on their organisation’s finances. That’s what it’s all about, eh? How can we work better and together to make progress in communities.

2. One extremely important workshop

Alex Aiken, Executive Director of the Government Communications Service (GCS) recently outlined that the real test for government communications is being nimble enough to respond to the many challenges thrown at it while remaining a reliable source of information. In a social and digital world, information – and disinformation – can travel all the way around the globe in an instant. A rapid and robust response to “fake news” is now paramount and forms a core part of GCS’s eight new challenges – which could also apply to the whole public sector communications profession.

Eddie Coates-Madden, Head of Communications at Sheffield City Council and National Secretary for LGcommunications will lead a workshop, “While the truth is still putting on its shoes”, which promises collaboration and practical tips for organisations responding to misinformation and fake news in an increasingly digital world.

3. Step away from the everyday to unlock your creative skills

We know taking a day off from regular work only makes coming back to work even tougher. The mounting to-do list and ten million unread emails may even make some of us question whether a holiday is even worth it!? (Just kidding)

It can be hard to know which industry events are really going to be worth your time and the disruption to your schedule. What we can tell you is that we’re really excited by this agenda, so are 100 other people who have already registered – and we hope you are too. We’ve run several packed-out digital engagement days over the last 18 months or so, with some people travelling from afar to be there. They’ve been a lot of fun and really good for learning and networking.

We’re confident Leeds has all the best ingredients for a super-productive day out of the “office”: experienced communicators who will share their expertise, a nice bright venue, relaxed atmosphere, good food and drink, and an opportunity to get help from your peers to tackle your real comms challenges.

4. It’s a whole day of free learning and development

(followed by networking drinks)

In case you need another reason to get sign-off from your boss to attend, the sessions are all free and so are the lunch and networking drinks afterwards. You’re welcome to attend all or some of the day’s activities, including the drinks at the lovely Water Lane Boathouse which overlooks the canal. The bar is on the way back to the station so it would be rude not to, really…

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