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Three reasons to attend the Glasgow Digital Engagement Day

As part of Granicus’ 2017 “digital engagement day world tour”, we’re hosting 13 free learning and networking events for public sector communicators and transformation teams across the UK and US. So far, these events have given attendees the chance to collaborate and talk channel shift, income generation, emergency comms and improved citizen engagement in Cardiff, Birmingham and London, as well as Ohio, New York State and Minnesota, to name a few locations. Our next UK event is taking place at The Lighthouse in Glasgow on Wednesday 6 December (11am – 4pm).

We’re excited to be heading up to Scotland to hear more about the local challenges and to share some citizen engagement best practices from across the UK. We hope you can join us!


So why should you make time for the Glasgow Digital Engagement Day?

1) It’s a rare opportunity to collaborate and road test ideas

With many public sector organisations citing the need to “do more with less” or even “more with nothing” as their biggest challenge, teams continue to be under pressure to streamline their services and processes to save money. You’re also being tasked with helping to enable more citizens to “channel shift” and access services in more cost effective ways. Do you have a clear strategy for achieving these goals? Are you sure about which digital tools and tactics to prioritise?

We figured you may not get as much opportunity as you’d like to network and collaborate with others in a similar situation to you.


This event will give you ample time to hear what initiatives and solutions are working and what’s not working for others who are experiencing similar challenges.


2) It’s all about the money… and equipping your organisation with the skills and tools it needs to survive

How far can can channel shift and streamlining processes take you? The funding challenges aren’t letting up and local government in particular is feeling the pinch. Cuts and more cuts aren’t sustainable. Organisations simply need more money if they are to continue to deliver the services citizens want and need. So what about bringing new money into your organisation to help plug the gap?

Did you know the average income target for a public sector comms team is £75k? That’s significant, and for some, totally unrealistic given a lack of resources to deliver it.


Does your team have the skills and tools it needs to bring in income? Do you know how others in the public sector are meeting or exceeding their targets?


At this event, you’ll learn how improving the way you engage residents, businesses and other target audiences can increase the take-up of your programmes and services, and dramatically change your team’s ability to help balance the books.


We’ll also share some top resources and case studies which you can take them back to your managers and leadership team to support the vision for income generation and the corporate plan.


3) It’s free and so is the lunch!

It’s not often that public sector communicators, programme directors, digital strategists, change and transformation managers and IT/web teams can all attend an event that speaks to the work they’re doing or the objectives they’re trying to achieve. And for free.


This will be a great opportunity to discuss theory and vision plus a healthy helping of practical examples and proven strategies from the sector.